PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin)

PRF is classified as a second generation platelet concentrate, which can enhance both soft and hard tissue healing. It has a dense fibrin network with leukocytes, cytokines, structural glycoproteins and growth factors. PRF also favours the development of microvascularization leading to a more efficient cell migration. PRF is widely used in in oral and maxillofacial surgery, ENT and plastic surgery, and pre-implant and implant surgery. It is act as a good filling material, shock absorber, healing support and helps in bone regeneration and augmentation.

Method of Preparation of PRF at SR-TE

We follow a modified protocol to prepare PRF which has better mechanical strength and easy to handle. Initially blood is drawn into anticoagulant tubes. The volume of blood collected varies with the final application, typically from 30ml to 50ml. Second step is preparation PRP by centrifugation. In the final step, the prepared PRP is mixed with collagen peptide and converted into a scaffold/gel by incubating with thrombin and 1M CaCl2. The whole procedure takes 2-3 hours after collection of blood. This scaffold/gel can be used as such or in combination with autologous bone or other biomaterials used for bone regeneration.

Platelet Rich Fibrin for Maxillofacial Surgery
X-Ray Images Showing Bone Regeration